Who We Are

Patrick W. Dunn, CPA

Pat is one of the principals of PMC and is the founder and Managing Partner of Dunn, Pariser & Peyrot, an accountancy and business management firm based in Los Angeles, CA. Pat integrates the long-term core values of each of PMC’s clients into the numerous businesses that are managed on their behalf. He provides hands-on leadership in raising capital, the integration of strategic goals with business investments and reporting to PMC’s clients in relation to achieving their social and financial goals.

Pat brings over 30 years of business management expertise catering to the world’s Entertainment Elite and family offices. That experience and the relationships developed over those years enable his clients to pursue their passions knowing that their businesses are being run efficiently, profitably, and according to core values.



Mark A. Coles

Mark is one of the principals of PMC and oversees the business operations of clients in New Zealand, the United States and Canada. He integrates his business experience with clients’ social and core values to create and implement the strategic and day-to-day operational leadership required to manage capital investments around the world. Mark underscores the passion, commitment and excellence that PMC brings to each client, to each core value and to each project.

Mark’s background is in strategic business leadership and investment banking. Mark was Senior Vice President with a US-based public company where he structured the acquisition of operations in South America, Canada, Japan and the United States and the spin-out of a production facility into a Master Limited Partnership. Prior to that, Mark administered a Renewable Energy hedge fund, structured financial transactions and managed large family offices.

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